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Related article: Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 19:42:15 EST From: Subject: "After Turkey Day Sale" AFTER TURKEY DAY SALE By Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM "Oh, my God!" I said when I saw the parking lot around the department store. "This place is going to be packed." "Of course it's going to be packed!" Monica said with some exasperation. "Moxie's is having a dollar sale. You buy one, and get another for a dollar! God, I just hope that they haven't sold out of Juniper Galens yet, I'll be so bummed if they are. I totally want one of her grapefruit tanktops, they are so hot!" I would have asked who Juniper Galen was, but I really didn't care. Getting dragged by your sister down to a department store the day after Thanksgiving is a real bitch! But she'd been busted and had her driver's license revoked for D.U.I. (Translation, she'd had a few drinks and then tried to drive home that way instead of calling a cab), and now she was stuck with pestering the rest of the family when she wanted to go somewhere. And she'd made it clear that if one of us wouldn't drive her, she'd drive herself, without a license! That made Mom and my younger brother her de facto chauffeurs. Me, I was in college and mostly out of the loop, thank God, but I'd come home for the holiday and Mom had immediately laid the burden gratefully on my doorstep. We found a spot after about five minutes of circling the parking lot, and I pulled in, killed the motor. Monica jumped out and I sat where I was, said, "How long are you going to be?" She read my beads in a hurry. "You're not going to sit out here, are you?" "The thought had crossed my mind." "God, James, come on, live a little!" she said. "They've got like these totally wonderful clothes. You can get like most of your Christmas shopping done in just a couple of hours. Moxie's says that they have something for everyone!" "Couple of hours." I said, and that in a groan. "Like, you don't think I'm going to leave until I've totally looked at everything they've got, do you? I mean, it is a once-a-year sale. You can, like, come in and see, can't you? You could use some new shirts, those you've got now are like totally last year." "I bought them last year." I said to her. God, this was not just an errand, this was going to screw up my entire afternoon! "Like, if you want to wait out here, fine. Just, like, don't expect me to hurry because you're waiting, get me?" "Okay, okay." I grumped. "I'll go in. Maybe they have an electronics section and I can catch a game or something." But Monica had taken off after delivering her last line. I was left making my own way into the store. Inside was pandemonium. I swear, women have a gene that men don't, and it drives them to stores that are having sales. The inside of the store was practically wall-to-wall women, pushing past each other, holding dresses up to themselves and asking each other how they looked, there was a line at the dressing rooms and a cacophony of sound that was like my sister's voice, only a hundred times worse. There was a tone to their voices that was piercing in a way that had nothing to do with their decibel-level, it was like dogs must be howling for miles around from that sound, Young Lolita Cp while I just felt itchy and wincing from it. The few men around were equally uncomfortable-looking, surrounded by waves of estrogen-driven sales and discounts and returns and layaways. I found the store directory, shit, Moxie's was just a clothes and housewares store! Their men's department reflected their bent, it was one sixth the size of the women's department, maybe less. It was the best I could do until Monica got tired of trying on clothes. I'd take a look, I could use a few new shirts, after all. The men's department was a surprise to me. I mean, the rest of the store was packed, but this one area was effectively empty. A few forlorn sale signs here and there had a random couple of women at them, but that was all of it. Apparently their sale didn't extend to men's clothes. I didn't even have the dollar-sale to drive my urge to buy, shit, Moxie's cost more, even, than I was used to! So I was wandering around the Young Lolita Cp clothing racks rather dejectedly, looking at the clothes that I wasn't even thinking of buying. Moxie's did have some unusual shirts, I decided as I looked at one rack, they were almost Hawaiian, but their designs weren't the usual flowers, they were like clippings of old newspapers, only in a foreign language, and all pasted together and I was craning my neck trying to see what they were about, and wham! I ran right into him. Hit him hard, right in the chest, and I bounced back and fell to the floor flat on my ass, bumping my head as I went on down. "Hey, you okay?" he asked me. I looked up at him, for he was practically on top of me, one of his legs between mine, as he looked down on me. This gave him a distorted look, like he was all legs and crotch, and only a bit of upper body atop that and his head attached at an angle atop it. Big, huge legs, the bulge of his crotch the same size of his head, and above that, only the twin arcs of his shoulders and one hand visible, and then his head, with his basket cutting a notch out of his chin and lower lip. Leather pants. Strong, sharp cheeks, pale blue eyes, deep, black hair in a careless wave, he was like a god that had taken human form, standing over me, towering up to the sky. "Are you all right?" he asked me again. "Yeah." I said. "Sorry, I wasn't looking." That hand extended down at me like an eagle diving out of the sky at me. Offering to help me up. I took the hand and he heaved, and I was lifted by the raw force of this man, and he was strong! That was the first impression I had of him other than those huge, leather-clad legs, and then I had my third impression of him when I got back perpendicular. That was when I hit that body of his. See, he had gotten too close to me, when I stood up, my feet were still in between his, and my entire body length impacted his. My right knee hit his shin, my chest hit his sternum as his chest struck my neck (he was a few inches taller than me) and my lower stomach found his crotch nuzzling into it, while my own rested on his upper thigh. His arm came up and around my back and he held me the way an adagio dancer would, so that I didn't fall down again from that awkward position, my feet beneath him, and my arms dangled backwards. "You should be careful." he said to me. "I wouldn't want to hurt you." His breath was...intoxicating. I don't mean it smelled of alcohol, it smelled...male. Like he embodied everything that made up a man, that drove a man. In this estrogen-soaked environment, he was total testosterone raking my body, pouring over me. "I'm all right." I said to him, and my voice came out small. My lips hurt, I wet them, and he smiled. "You're more than all right." he said, and then he kissed me. He didn't do it fast, but I was stunned by it just the same. His lips released mine with a small popping sound and he said, "You'll do just fine." he said. I didn't have to ask what he meant by that. I didn't even had to decide if I wanted him. He had decided, and that was the end of it. Given how brazenly aggressive he was, he wouldn't have surprised me if he'd taken me down right there in the men's department. But he looked around, and said, "Over there." "Over there" was the back of the dressing rooms. They had rows of clothes on a moveable rack in front of that bare wall. It was between them that we squeezed, this covered us from view from anything but a woman browsing the men's department that happened to look up the right way, and like I'd said, this area was nearly deserted. I went in first, and turned around and he grabbed me again, this time his lips kissed my neck, and kissed hard! His arms bent me backward and he nipped at my Adam's apple and the bulge in his pants rammed up against my own and he rutted against me. The raw sexuality of this was exhilarating, I'd never felt such a raw rush of passion rise up in me, I wanted this man right now and I didn't care what I had to do, who saw us, what the consequences were, I wanted him. He had me, he could do whatever he liked! What he wanted to do was to pull my clothes from me, first my shirt, then my pants were dropped to my ankles, and my briefs followed them. He grabbed my cock, then and he pumped on it mercilessly while his lips against sought out my mouth. I was his, I was at his mercy, no, not mercy here, that wasn't what I wanted, I wasn't a victim, I was willing and eager. When he turned me around, he didn't have to push me beyond guiding me, I turned for him. Bent over at the touch of his hand on my back. And his tongue dove into my ass! God, the touch of that soft, warm probe and I was practically orgasming right then! As it was, I was whining like a lost puppy, and I was lost, lost in the quiveringly ecstatic touch of that tongue! "Uh, uh, hm, uh, uh, ah!" I grunted. "You like that, do you?" "Yeah, oh, yeah!" I moaned. His tongue returned to its jabbing at my asshole, and I moaned again, a long, keening sound. "Oh, God!" I sighed when he let go again. "God, that's so good." "You ready for me?" he growled at me. "Yeah, oh, fuck, yeah!" I answered. I heard the sounds of leather being undone, the zipper made a deeper sound and I swear, when he opened his fly, I was washed over with the scent of him, all male musk and I was a-swim in it. I felt it, next, the touch of his glans to my spit-slickened anus. "There it is." he said to me. "Are you ready for it?" "Yeah, oh, fuck, yeah!" I said again. "Give it to me, come on!" And he pushed it into me, that huge glans spreading my ass and I groaned. "Yeah, here it comes." he said to me, "Feel that fat dick sliding into you? You like that?" "Yeah, oh, yeah, God!" I moaned. "Want more of it?" He taunted me. "God, yeah, give me all of it. Come on, fuck me!" I begged him shamelessly. Another push and I felt him buried in me to the base. "That's all of it." he said to me. "You like that?" "Oh, yeah!" He made a slow pullling out of me, and then as slowly pushed it back in. "How Young Lolita Cp about that?" "God, man, you're driving me crazy! Come on, fuck me!" He kept making slow motions, I felt an animal urge rising up in me, I wanted to turn and claw and tear at him until he did what I wanted! I let out a growl like I'd never done before, and it was sheer bestial frustration. It was what he'd been waiting for. He began to move faster then, and I lowered my growl into a lower register. He began to fuck me in earnest, then, and I was reduced to a compliance, lap-cat sound of purring, mmmmh, mmmhh, mhhhh! "Ah, yeah, such a hot stud, I knew it the moment I saw you there on the floor." He panted to me as he rammed my ass. "I knew you'd want me to fuck you." "I knew it, too." I gasped out. "God, yeah, I don't want you to ever stop fucking me. Come on, harder, man, fuck me harder, harder and faster!" He complied, and I was now having my butt slammed with his hips as he drove that dong into me with every stroke, thrusting his powerful tool in and out of me, and I was lost to all common sense, I was groaning louder and louder. His hand came over my mouth and stifled me. "Quiet down!" he whispered. "Shit, we're in a fucking department store! We're going to get caught!" He removed his hand and I groaned, "I don't care! Just fuck me, please!" "God, man, you are hot!" He marveled. "Shit, this hot ass of yours is driving me mad!" "Me, too!" I groveled. "Come on, fuck me harder, make me shoot it, shit, yeah, I got to come now, man, please, make me come!" I'm not sure just what he did, but suddenly his cock was stroking my butt in a way it hadn't before, suddenly every motion he made went right to my lust and raised it higher! "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!" I groaned. "Like that, fuck me like that, come on, harder, harder!" "Oh, fuck, yeah!" he gasped. "Shit, I'm going to come, I'm going to come." "Yeah, shoot it, shoot it!" I groaned. "Oh, I'm coming!" "Uh, gah, uh, shit, I'm coming!" "I'm coming, ah, ah, ahh!" "UH, GAH, UH, GAH!" "SHIT, UH, GAH, FUCK, GAH!" "AH-AH-AH....HANNNNHHHH!" "GUH-UH, HNNNNKKKHHHH!" And I shot my wad onto that cold tiled floor, while my partner filled my butt with his jizz, and I was creaming, my ejaculation splattering the tiles while his jism squirted out of my buttocks and back onto him, I could feel the hot seed as it jetted out of me, and onto his grunting, thrusting body. Done, we sagged down and it was lucky we did, because there were suddenly human voices, female, chittering away nearby. "Did you hear that?" "It came from over here." "I swear, you hear about this sort of thing, but you never expect to run into it." "Some people, they're just so very crude!" Shit, that last one was my sister! "They ought Young Lolita Cp to put such people in jail. Nobody's over here." "Nobody back here, either." "They must have run out." "I'm calling security." "Shit!" I said to my friend. "We got to get out of here!" He raised up, ducked back down for a time, then looked again. "They're gone. Come on, we'll have to get out the back way!" "There's a back way?" "Fire exit." he confirmed. "It'll set off an alarm, so we hit it, and we just run and keep running, you got me?" "I got you." I said. "Shit, I can't believe we did that." "Me, either." he said. "I was dragged here by my mother and ended up with the hottest sex of my life. "Me, too, sister." I said. "Get your pants up, stud." he said. As I pulled them up, he said, "Let's meet back here tomorrow, right at noon. We can exchange phone numbers and such then. I want to see you again." "Me, too." I agreed. "Noon tomorrow." I got my pants hitched up, he had done the same. Voices were coming our way again. "Right! Let's go!" he said. And we raced for the door. The fire alarm made a screeching howl as we went through it, but other than that, we didn't run into anybody. Outside, we were in an alley and I saw the parking lot, looked around, and my friend was running the other way. I got back to the parking lot and kept low until I was well away from the store. Made it back to my car, and looked back, there were security guards outside, but I didn't think they'd seen me. I sat down inside my car and just caught my breath. My sister came out a few minutes later. "They made us evacuate the building." she griped. "A couple of perverts were, like, humping in the men's department and ran Young Lolita Cp out the fire exit and they totally treated it like it was a real fire. I couldn't even check out, like, they made me just leave everything where it was! It's totally not fair!" "Should have done like me." I said. "I got what I wanted and then got out of there." "So what'd you get?" "I'm picking it up tomorrow." I said. Monica smiled. "I told you." she said triumphantly. "Moxie's has something for everyone." "They sure do." I agreed. THE END Comments? Complaints? Suggestions? E-Mail me at Tommyhawk1AOL.COM WWW.TOMMYHAWKSFANTASYWORLD.COM
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